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Bonkers Blog March 2017

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13 March - There will be no escalators but what use will the old stairs be?

Who is it that keeps scheduling the Crossrail Liaison Panel meetings for the same day as Bexley Council’s Transport User’s Sub-Committee meeting? It means that any Bexley Councillor interested in transport issues probably cannot be at the Crossrail meeting and neither can the Transport Users’ Chairman Val Clark who would probably like to improve her knowledge of railway matters. Obviously BiB readers miss out on a report too.

It could be worse, Tiffany Lynch, Bexley’s Infrastructure Manager, will be at the next Crossrail meeting and even has her own allocated ten minutes. Unlike many at Bexley, Tiffany seems to know what she is talking about even though occasionally, well once to be honest, I’ve felt that she will push Bexley Council’s money making interests in front of those of residents.

However this time I think I shall be right behind her. I suspect she wants to knock down the stairs that rise up from Gayton Road to the Harrow Manorway flyover, next to the railway line.
Harrow ManorwayWhat use will they be after the new station opens in October?

The only real purpose the steps serve at present is to provide passengers alighting from southbound buses with the only realistic route to the station. Such people will use the Pelican crossing in future.

Another current use is by people residing south of the railway line walking towards Thamesmead, most obviously to Sainsbury’s. The yet to be built station steps will provide a very similar route without crossing the road. The old steps will be redundant.

If the stairs are removed, people getting off buses who are heading to the Wilton Road area will be better served by staying on the bus for one more stop.

People like me using Fendyke or Florence Roads to get to the station might expect the existing stairs to provide quick access to the station but if you have to wait for the Pelican lights to go red it might not be that quick. It may be very slightly further but walking under the flyover and up the station steps would be a lot safer.

Finally, as those who live nearby can testify, there are far too many idiots in Abbey Wood who think it is fun to drop bottles from bridges and the stairs provide an ideal vantage point from which to lob them at passing trains.

I can’t think of a single reason to keep the stairs. If you think I have missed something then please let me know and your view can be submitted. The Liaison Panel meeting will be on 21st March.

By the way, I keep hearing from people who are absolutely convinced that there will be escalators running down from the high level station entrance to the platforms. There will not be. If you look at the platforms right now is is obvious there is no room internally for more than one lift and one staircase to each platform. There will be escalators to the mid-platform footbridge.


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