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Bonkers Blog March 2017

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12 March - Is there no integrity anywhere?

Katie Perrior who is adorning the front cover of the current issue of the magazine PR Week was Bexley’s Cabinet Member for Children’s Services until 2014 spanning the period when both six month old Ndingeko Kunene and three year old Rhys Lawrie were neglected by Bexley Council to the extent that they died. For good measure OFSTED awarded Bexley an Inadequate rating for children in care.

PR WeekPresumably Ms. Perrior is a better PR Guru than she was a Councillor.

While being paid £22,615 a year for failure in Bexley she contributed to the letters pages of the now defunct Bexley Chronicle. She said she was juggling her job as mother and Councillor and really needed that £22k. to survive because she was “not rich”.

She was heading the same PR company then as she is now.

One has to wonder about the judgment of Prime Ministers. Last Friday’s blog reminded readers that David Cameron employed the former and now convicted editor of the News of The World as his Director of Communications and Theresa May put Katie Perrior into the role. Drawing parallels would be absolutely wrong. If putting Councillors who spin a line to a local newspaper was criminal there would be few not behind bars.

What concerns me about Theresa May is something that Alastair Morgan (see last Friday’s blog) told me yesterday, something that he didn’t seem to be particularly shocked by. Perhaps 30 years dealing with bent cops and cowardly politicians has desensitized him but what he told me makes me think that despite it being Theresa May who set up the Daniel Morgan Panel, she is still prepared to condone a dishonest and related cover up when it suits her agenda. I suppose I had better play safe and keep my mouth shut, but I don’t think I will ever trust Theresa May again.


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