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Bonkers Blog March 2017

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10 March - 30 years of police corruption

30 years ago today the younger brother of my daughter’s long term partner Alastair was murdered in the car park of the Golden Lion public house in Sydenham.

Daniel Morgan was a private detective who had uncovered serious corruption among south London’s police. Organising robberies, running drugs, protecting known criminals; all the sort of things you might think happen only in TV fiction.

He took his evidence to the News of the World and that was his undoing. Unknown to him the Murdoch press was employing criminals and bent coppers as a matter of routine. As we know now they went on to tap telephones. The paper’s editor Andy Coulson’s influence with the establishment was so great he even managed to secure a job with David Cameron at No. 10.

The News of the World likely tipped off their police contacts and Daniel Morgan’s reward for his attempt to uphold the law was an axe through his skull. The establishment went into overdrive to protect its reputation.

The murderers have been named in court but are safe from prosecution because almost every Metropolitan Police Commissioner has, what shall we say, neglected his or her primary duties. The new Commissioner Cressida Dick in a former role did her utmost to ensure that the truth remained hidden. I wish I could reveal more but it is shocking.

In recent years the police have admitted that the unsolved murder is the biggest corruption scandal ever to have hit the Metropolitan Police. The Met’s report on an ‘independent’ review by the Hampshire Police was pretty much a lie from beginning to end.

Every single Labour Home Secretary was party to the cover up. Jack Straw and David Blunkett perhaps the worst of them and only when Theresa May took charge of the Home Office was any serious attempt made to get to the root of the cover-up. She ordered a Hillsborough style inquiry panel. Not a true Public Inquiry but better than nothing.

It hasn’t been plain sailing. The police fought a rear guard action and the first panel chairman was not all he should have been, he retired for personal reasons.

BookThe inquiry is still on-going and won’t report until the end of this year.

There was a series of ten award winning podcasts to tell the story last year, I sponsored one of them, and another book on the subject will be published in May.

When I sometimes say on Bonkers that the Metropolitan Police is corrupt I do so with a clear conscience, I absolutely know they are and they have recently admitted it in writing. They may excuse themselves that their corruption is all in the past, but that is a lie too. They still don’t want the truth to come out, neither do the newspapers. Most of them have been working hand in glove with corrupt police officers.

Alastair Morgan has pursued police corruption for 30 years and I shall try to steer him on to his beloved game of rugby when I meet him for lunch tomorrow as a result if which I suspect there will be no blog.

If I have to chase Bexley police for as long as Alastair I will have to live to be 100.


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