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Bonkers Blog March 2017

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7 March (Part 2) - TfL. Making roads that little bit more dangerous. It’s what they do.

New Road New RoadIt must have been five or six years ago that I was walking up New Road in Abbey Wood when a B11 bus pulled into the middle of the road to pass a parked car and another one hit it head on. If I had to guess, the car driver was going too fast and he saw the bus to late. It’s only in recent years that I learned to always carry a camera which is probably why I can’t find any photos of the incident.

One would hope the car driver learned from his experience but it would seem that Transport for London has not. Their new bus stop in New Road, only a matter of yards from the scene of the earlier incident, pushes all vehicles towards the middle of the road close to a bend.

Overtaking a stationary bus has become a much more dangerous manouvre. Well done TfL. What a bunch of clowns. The bus stop ‘flag’ isn’t even very near to the road markings. The road marking is new by the way so it provides one more opportunity for Alex Sawyer to impose a fine.


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