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Bonkers Blog March 2017

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5 March (Part 2) - No more Fat Controller

Drink GromitIt’s not very often that anyone comments on the photos that appear here. A few rail enthusiasts like the daily Crossrail updates and I have several times been told that some hang on the office walls at the Abbey Wood Crossrail depot. However this week has seen more than one photo related comment.

Someone suggested I create a gallery of comic pictures, Councillors apparently nodding off etc. Yesterday’s photo of the Mayor with her eyes shut apparently sparked that off. It had merely caught her blinking, everyone does it, even Mayors.

Another comment suggested that the recent photo of Cabinet Member Don Massey bore more than a passing resemblance to Gromit, but Gromit is Wallace’s dog isn't it? And isn't Gromit the clever one of the pair?

I suppose it did look a bit like a Plasticine man but I will not be creating a comic gallery.

O'NeillI check for unfortunate poses when the photo is taken and if I catch one I take it again. The bad ones are rejected unless they are of Councillors who are less than friendly.

Yet another comment was about Council Leader Teresa O’Neill. I first noted it just over a month ago when her name was prefixed with ‘new slimline'. Now it is apparent to all.

Teresa O’Neill is not the woman she was and my correspondent says “TO’N is looking about 15 years younger. Has she found the elixir of life or simply been on an excellent diet?”

He’s right isn’t he? Council Leader Teresa O’Neill will probably think I ma taking the wotsit if I say she looks pretty good in her new outfits, but I am not. At last she has made a massive cut to be proud of.


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