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Bonkers Blog March 2017

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1 March (Part 3) - Abbey Wood road chaos may become the norm

If you have driven north of Brampton Road over the past two weeks you will know that the traffic congestion has been constantly horrendous due to one small hole in the ground outside Sainsbury’s.

You presumably think it can’t go on for much longer and maybe you are right if you are only thinking about the hole, but road chaos is likely to carry on until August, August 2018 that is.

Next Monday Bexley Council will start to tear the Harrow Manorway flyover apart. FM Conway have already set up camp.
Conway's Camp

Conway’s Harrow Manorway camp. You would think they might have put down a plastic ground protector.
The grass will be wrecked.

If you think Network Rail can mess up your life by fiddling around with the railway track just wait until there is a full scale attack on the road network.

Click image below for the six page brochure. There is an explanatory letter too.
Harrow Manorway
This is a joint Greenwich and Bexley project masterminded by Bexley Council.

Press Release.


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