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Bonkers Blog June 2017

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Old Farm

28 June (Part 1) - Councillor Philip Read is compounding the lies

Not content with trotting out the 17·5% Tax increase imposed by Labour in Bexley in their first budget (2003), Bexley Tories are now going into full on lying mode. The Labour increases were well over 40% the liar Philip Read proclaims on Twitter. Time for more facts me thinks!

TweetsIn March 2002 the soon to be defeated Conservative administration imposed a D Band Tax Rate of £938.00 which is the base line for ensuing calculations.

Along came Labour in March 2003 and made it £1102.44, an increase of £164.44.

£938 multiplied by 1·1753 is £1102.44 so a greater than 17·5% tax increase.

The same for March 2004 gives us £1185.60 an increase of £83.16 or 7·54%

March 2005; £1243.37 an increase of £57.77 or 4·87%

March 2006; £1315.61 an increase of £72.4 or 5·81%. Two months later the Labour administration was thrown out.

They had inherited a D Band Rate of £938 from the Conservatives and four years later the figure was up to £1315.61. A rise of £377.61 which is 40·2%.

Pretty shocking stuff judged by today’s standards so why does Cabinet Member Philip Read find it necessary to describe 40·2% as “much higher than 40%”?

Because lying is in Bexley Conservatives’ DNA. It’s what they do.

BiB has more Twitter followers than Councillors Read and Davey combined, so as usual, providing the ammo to lob back at them is somewhat counter-productive.


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