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Bonkers Blog June 2017

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20 June - Beautiful Bexley. A burning issue?

Three days with no new comment on BiB and the enquiries begin. The fact is there’s not been any Council stuff to report and I have found it too hot to make extra trips out looking for it.

I made a tentative start on installing CCTV in the 97 year old’s house in East Ham so at the very least she will be able to see who is at her front door before flinging it wide open to all and sundry and somehow or other I have been caught up in providing a local business with a website.

From a reader in Welling comes some pictures of its car park which Bexley Council has allowed to become a rubbish dump.

Litter Litter LitterThe accompanying report says that the containers have not been emptied for a very long time and as the car park (behind The Nagg’s Head public house) is used as the coach drop off point for foreign exchange children it will be giving them an interesting perspective on the dirty hole that the budget cuts have caused Bexley to become.

Another correspondent is concerned about how no longer conducting building inspections must be a contributory factor to fires in poorly constructed shacks such as those pictured in Newham.

We will no doubt find out if it is after someone has died as a result.


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