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Bonkers Blog June 2017

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16 June (Part 3) - Didn’t he do well?

Immediately after last week’s election I listened to the local Labour people bandying around so many impressive statistics that one might have thought they had won.

Their skill with the mental arithmetic was far and away in advance of their Shadow Home Secretary’s and I asked if they could shoot the basics across to me for a weekend feature - last weekend that is.

Maybe they were in no hurry to cease the celebrations because the numbers did not immediately materialise but it was clear from the overall result that theirs was a very good one.
Election Results
As you can see, in all three Bexley seats the Labour candidate increased their share of the vote more than the Conservative candidate. UKIP beat the Lib Dems in all three too.

Old Bexley ResultsCouncillor Danny Hackett (with his agent Councillor Daniel Francis) did particularly well in Old Bexley & Sidcup and kindly supplied some historical data.

His 14,079 votes exceeds anything Labour achieved there since the Blair landslide in 1997. The prospect of what I had seen as a probable wipe out of Labour at the Bexley Council elections in May 2018 now seems to be a distant memory.

I have no time whatever for the Labour party nationally. Their leadership organising a protest tomorrow to try to reverse last week’s result represents everything I dislike about the Labour party but I do not know of any Bexley Labour politician who thinks that is a good idea, least of all strongly Blairite Danny Hackett.

Recent conversations with him and some of his colleagues reveal that they have no wish to whack up Council Tax as they did in 2006 and given the dishonest shower that currently runs this borough I would not be averse to seeing big changes in 2018.

I’m still hoping that a five year old police investigation into corruption in Bexley will result in some embarrassing submissions to the Crown Prosecution Service in the weeks leading up to the next election. It’s definitely not beyond the bounds of possibiity.


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