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Bonkers Blog June 2017

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11 June (Part 2) - Be glad you live in Bexley

Some blogs are easier to write than others. Plug the local Labour party too enthusiastically; cue influx of emails and lose a few Twitter followers. Expose a local Conservative as devious and untrustworthy, look forward to a visit from the boys in blue.

This time I am in danger of upsetting everyone apart from UKIP voters.

Friday was my Aunt’s 97th birthday. I had been to East Ham the previous day, I knew she wouldn’t be short of visitors on the 9th and I was due there again yesterday so my conscience wasn’t too badly pricked.

As I have probably said before. my Aunt lives in a road which is occupied almost 100% by Muslim families. She is one of only two white British occupants of more than 100 terraced houses most of which are divided into two.

CakeThe Muslims appear to be lovely people. Three families descended on my Aunt on Friday bearing flowers, chocolates and cakes. They brought along too many children for my Aunt’s liking but they call her Grannie and there is no doubt their hearts are full of love.

On Saturday while I was there two more arrived, one looking very attractive in headscarf and flowing dress. She no longer lives nearby and had walked a mile or two across town to visit.

But for all that there are ‘them and us’ differences and the Muslim families make little attempt at conforming to the norms of British society. This is particularly obvious in their attitude to planning law.

A look at Google Earth shows that my Aunt’s house is the only one on her side of the street which does not have a residential shack in its back garden.


Neighbouring shacks viewed from my Aunt’s garden.

NewhamThe far end of her 25 foot garden is dominated by one neighbour’s wooden shack on the left and to the right a similar one complete with satellite dish.

To the rear is a rough breeze block outhouse for which planning permission was sought. What sort of Planning Department approves such a monstrosity you might ask. Well not Newham as it happens.

The application was for a 6 metre brick rear extension and the plans showed a new through lounge incorporating the original room and the additional new space.

My Aunt declined the opportunity to object as all the other houses to the rear had similar extensions and this one merely filled in a gap.

You can see what was put up instead. The new edifice which would discredit downtown Karachi is nothing like that submitted to Newham Council. Where were their building inspectors? The monstrosity does not in any way conform to the application. It’s not even in the same place.

The husband of my youngest cousin works for Newham Council, in the housing department I believe. He says that Newham Council is run by Muslims for the benefit of Muslims and nothing is ever done about planning infringements. I have no way of verifying that statement.

Do we really want to see such malpractice extended across this once great capital city?

Cue more hate mail. But does anyone want to see Bexley looking like the socialist hell hole that is Newham? I’m absolutely sure that no Bexley Councillor of any political colour would approve, but could King Canute stop the tide?


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