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Bonkers Blog June 2017

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7 June (Part 1) - Five long years

Today marks the fifth anniversary of my complaint to the Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police that Bexley police were deliberately dragging their feet with their so called investigation into obscenities posted to Google Blogspot about Elwyn Bryant and me.

Whoever did it quite obviously knew exactly where the pair of us had been the day before (in the Council offices) and where I was a week earlier; standing under a Council CCTV camera in the Cinema car park. The police later traced those obscenities to someone who had access to one of Councillor Peter Craske’s internet connections.

The police did nothing about my letter, just an excuse note to say no one had done anything wrong which even at that early stage was obviously a lie.

PearceThanks to some information obtained by my MP Teresa Pearce (Erith & Thamesmead) another letter elevated the complaint to an allegation of Conspiracy to Pervert the Course of Justice. The police ignored it. They sent 17 two or three line letters over two years to say they had no time to look into the matter.

Eventually an Assistant Commissioner took an interest in the case; it may have had something to do with a threat to send the file to a Parliamentary Select Committee.

The belated investigation appears to be going places. The officers concerned have made it amply clear that they have discovered a whole load of evidence that police officers in Bexley are prepared to be as corrupt as they need to be in defence of Bexley Council.

Along the way I have had four meetings with the police with Teresa Pearce by my side. When Councillor Don Massey asked Bexley police to arrest me for repeating what he had put on the web, or caused to be put on the web, Teresa instantly volunteered to be with me at my interview.

An MP can be a useful ally when in a tight spot; but not always.

Brokenshire My five year old complaint to Bexley police and the following allegation of crime were joint efforts with Elwyn Bryant who lives in Bexley village. He asked his MP James Brokenshire for help too.

James was clearly shocked by what had spewed forth from a keyboard in Councillor Craske’s house but he refused point blank to give Elwyn any practical help.

When Elwyn asked to see his MP his office staff told Elwyn that he was too busy and had no free appointment spots. Elwyn’s friend Peter Gussman phoned five minutes later and there were no problems at all.

James Brokenshire who has a degree in law refused to represent Elwyn at the first three meetings with the police. He said it would be “inappropriate”. Elwyn didn’t bother to tell him about the fourth.

Maybe you should bear that in mind when you vote tomorrow. It really is true that some MPs are all over you like a rash during an election campaign and are not a lot of use afterwards.

HackettPerhaps Bexley residents should vote for someone cast in the same mould as Teresa Pearce, that is Danny Hackett.

Danny has been my Councillor for the past three years so I know him quite well. He was present when Councillor Cheryl Bacon mismanaged a Scrutiny meeting. Strictly speaking what she did was illegal but at too low a level to be seriously concerned about.

However to provide her with a defence, Bexley Council issued a press release which said I had been guilty of running riot in the Council Chamber and in another document, that I had to be forcibly ejected.

Danny knew that I had not moved from my seat and not said a word and was happy to confirm that fact in a formal statement to the police who sent the relevant papers to the Crown Prosecution Service. (†)

Councillor Stefano Borella did the same so maybe he deserves your vote in Bexleyheath and Crayford, however from various reports, David Evennett who currently represents that constituency is not entirely useless either.

For the record, the ongoing investigation into the Craske cover up has now reached the stage when senior police officers have been interviewed under caution and their solicitors are now working on their defence. Thanks Teresa.

† According to an insider, the CPS managed to ‘lose’ vital evidence which made a prosecution unviable.


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