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Bonkers Blog June 2017

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4 June - Rock hard Brexit or barely there Will-o’-the-Wisp Brexit?

Nothing much going on today so I cast caution to the wind and drove over three Yellow Money Boxes in Welling to collect some UKIP and Lib Dem election leaflets because it would appear that there are none available in Erith & Thamesmead. I've had a couple of emails from Ronie Johnson (UKIP’s candidate) so I know he is still around and ready to accept any Tory votes which might be otherwise wasted on Ed Baxter; but no leaflet yet.

There could hardly be more difference between the two UKIP leaflets and the Lib Dem one. One believes there is only one sort of BREXT and that is OUT OUT OUT. The other one offers the prospect of a wide variety of Brexits but what the Lib Dems really want is a rerun of June 23rd 2016 so that we can change our minds. The leaflet doesn't say that exactly but it was the clear preference of candidate Drew Heffernan when he spoke at the E & T hustings.


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