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Bonkers Blog June 2017

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3 June (Part 1) - I’ve been everywhere man. (Apart from Erith and Thamesmead)

At last a blue leaflet through the letterbox. A total waste of trees but I have one. Edward Baxter the Conservative candidate for Erith & Thamesmead has committed to paper everything he considers worth telling the electorate about himself.

He is standing with Theresa May. And that’s it.

Is there anyone in the constituency who fails to realise that the Tory candidate is backing the Conservative Prime Minister?

Does Edward make any other points?

Well yes; that Nicola Sturgeon (SNP), Jeremy Corbyn (Labour) and Tim Farron (Lib Dems) are never going to win a beauty contest.

Click to see all of Edward Baxter’s leaflet.

It’s a pathetic effort. Couldn’t he have done better than that? Probably not. He has no support locally. Councillor Philip Read is not glued to his side as he was to Anna Firth. Councillor John Davey appears to be lukewarm at best. Anna Firth might have been in with a chance in E & T, until Theresa May lost the plot that is, but Edward Baxter has less chance of surviving 8th June than getting across the Upton Road Yellow Money Box fine free on a busy morning.

If you follow Mr. Baxter’s Twitter feed you will see he has been supporting candidates in Morley and Outwood (where’s that?), Newcastle, Chessington, Luton South, Wakefield, Andover, Oxford East, Sleaford, Shirley, Gower, Streatham, Vauxhall, Tooting, Bracknell, Rhyll, Slough, North Walsham, Taunton, Deal, Harrow, Aberdeen, Balham, Dunstable, Loughborough, Isleworth and Bayswater. Shall I stop now? You will have got the idea, and that’s just his Twitter output in the past three hours.

Has he Tweeted anything about Erith & Thamesmead? Not a word.

How appalling and disgraceful is that?

If you want a web bot for your next MP for Erith & Thamesmead, vote Conservative and make it a policy and ideas free zone.

Speaking from my right leaning perspective I see the prospect of a Jeremy Corbyn led government as terrifying. Why is it that every generation has to learn the hard way that promises of ‘free stuff’ paid for by someone else delivers nothing but pain to everyone who aspires to better themselves? Wouldn’t be surprised if we ended up defenceless with hard won freedoms and Brexit lost along with the Falklands, Gibraltar and probably Scotland and Northern Ireland too.

I fear that electing Jeremy Corbyn to the highest office in the land would be a disaster for the future of the country but electing Edward Baxter as MP for Erith & Thamesmead instead of Teresa Pearce might be even worse.

Whilst Edward Baxter has done nothing and is promising nothing, Teresa Pearce has a huge list of achievements to her credit, not least of which is helping me fight off unjustifiable assaults from Bexley Council and combatting the probable corruption within its police force. Did I say probable police corruption? Their own investigators at Scotland Yard seem to share that opinion.

Click to see all of Teresa Pearce’s leaflet.

And another thing. If you compare the 2017 pictures of Teresa Pearce with those in earlier leaflets you will see she hasn’t aged one bit. What a woman!

Teresa Pearce's pledges. (That's one helluva slow web server Teresa.)


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