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Bonkers Blog June 2017

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2 June (Part 2) - Craig Mackinlay. My small part in his downfall

I don’t meet up with Mick Barnbrook as often as I used to, Ramsgate is a long way away especially if you regard driving at 56 m.p.h. as scarily fast as Mick does. As often as not I see him because he has screwed up his computer in one way or another.

A couple of weeks ago it was his printer and this week his email wouldn’t work. He was in a panic because he urgently wanted to remind the CPS that it only had a week left to consider charging Craig Mackinlay, his Conservative MP, with electoral expense malpractice.

To cut a long story short I bodged his laptop and hitched it to an open wi-fi hotspot and we sent Mick’s email on its merry way.

MackinlayIt seems to have had the desired result because the CPS has now charged Craig Mackinlay.

I don’t suppose the media will give Mick any credit but he has been battling with Kent police for months. At one stage they wrote to Craig Mackinlay and asked him if he was guilty. He said he wasn’t so Mick was sent a letter to say the case would be dropped.

Mick responded with a promise to allege conspiracy to pervert the course of justice if the Chief Constable of Kent didn’t buck his ideas up.

I’m losing count but I think it is correct to say that Mick will raise his array of MP scalps to 20 if Mackinlay and the other two he set his sights on go down.

If you are a dishonest politician, never ever get on the wrong side of Michael Barnbrook.

The story as told by Channel 4 news.


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