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Bonkers Blog July 2017

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30 July - The monthly update - Crossrail and Lesnes Abbey

Trains were running through Abbey Wood this weekend (and Belvedere, Erith and Slade Green) which would not be news except for the letter Network Rail hand delivered to my home two weeks ago. (Extract below.)
Railway possessions
It clearly says that their would be a ‘Possession’ (their jargon for taking over the track) this weekend and throughout the next four weekends. 41 hours each.

Until a few days ago no written information was available at Abbey Wood station but then a contradictory notice appeared (Photo 1). Apologies if you were led astray by the previous blog on this subject. I have no idea what Network Rail was playing at, probably they don’t either.

Network Rail Abbey Wood stationOver the past week a start has been made on cladding the concrete station structure with Brindle facing bricks. My initial impression is that I don’t much like it and hope that some relief will be given, perhaps with bricks of a different colour inset. The planned trees will no doubt help soften the image.

This morning the station was inaccessible to travellers coming from the north and east because the road was flooded higher than the kerb stones and into residents’s gardens. Bexley Council has neglected to attend to it for at least the past 30 years. One must hope that the Gayton Road refurbishment due in January will fix it. I had to go home the long way round.

The last month’s work around Abbey Wood station is now available illustrated by 145 photos. The overhead electric wires are now in place.

Getting on for three years after work began there was yet another advance at Lesnes Abbey Park this week. The Viewing Gallery is very nearly completed. Whoever decided to start laying the coping stones from both ends and create a difficult shape to fill in the middle probably regrets it now.

Lesnes Abbey Lesnes Abbey Lesnes Abbey Lesnes Abbey
After very heavy rain Abbey Road can become muddy and a little stony as water rushes down from the hills. Once again Bexley Council has little interest in drainage. It’s drain gullies are looking more than a little neglected.London view

From the Viewing Gallery. The City is favoured over gloomy Bexley.


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