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Bonkers Blog July 2017

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28 July (Part 1) - Shameless Councils design road traps and rake in their ill-gotten gains

Web statistics indicate that there is nothing BiB readers like more than stories about Councils ripping off motorists and here’s another one. I was in East Ham yesterday installing a second CCTV camera in the old lady’s house but work came to a halt when I discovered I’d left the network cable crimping tool at home. As a result I left a few minutes after five. My aunt had already told me it was almost bedtime so it was time to go anyway.

She lives near the border with Barking so the easiest way out of town is via the North Circular and from there down to Beckton. From Beckton I can see home but as you know, thanks to Teresa O’Neill putting her ward before the rest of the borough… but let’s not go into that again.

A406The route on to the North Circular is dreadful at the best of times. Newham’s drivers appear to have learned their skill from watching too many Bollywood movies. No one indicates the direction they plan on heading for. Lane discipline. What’s that?

Yesterday I found myself on the outside lane in the bottom left quadrant of the associated Google Earth image and indicating right. (Click for a much larger view.) A bus was occupying the adjacent lane to my left.

The yellow box ahead was full of stationary and slow moving vehicles facing almost every conceivable angle. As they slowly managed to get on to the northbound North Circular (top left exit on picture) more came in from Barking (lower right quadrant) to take their place. No one made any attempt to observe the yellow box rules. I simply sat there waiting while being honked vigorously from behind.

There was not only no clear exit from the yellow box there was not even a clear entry into it.

SawyerEventually there was a short lived clear path to the other side and I went for it. So did the bus driver who wasn't very interested in remaining in the Barking lane (to the east) and squeezed me in my southbound lane. In my very small car I just managed to keep moving with an inch or so clear of his right flank.

That roundabout is a nightmare for drivers but not perhaps for Newham Council.

NewhamIn the edition of their fortnightly magazine (how do they get away with that and have the lowest Council Tax rate in Outer London) that hit doormats in the first week of June a page was devoted to Yellow Box Junctions.

It revealed that since January this year they had issued 8,995 penalty charge notices for Yellow Box Junctions. (Click image for the whole article.)

Bearing in mind press dates etc. that must be in less than five months and probably only four.

2,250 PCNs a month. That’s 27,000 a year or £3,510,000 at the pre-discount rate.

Sooner or later there will be a rebellion in this country caused wholly by bad governance and corrupt politicians.


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