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Bonkers Blog July 2017

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26 July - The Wednesday waffle

The UPS problem is finally sorted out but why can’t they issue one hour delivery time slots like DPD and UKMail? They should have known that Belvedere is not in Essex too . A lot of time has been wasted which has reduced BiB to reporting relative trivia again. As Bexley Council goes into its three month recess that is likely to be the case more often.

Abbey Wood station
It was always likely that the acres of grey Crossrail concrete would be clad in something more attractive. I had rather hoped that it would be something attractive like the yellow wall that used to grace the back end of Platform 2. The same brick was used at Woolwich Arsenal for the DLR extension, but no, we get a dingy and drab brindle. Maybe there will be some decorative relief higher up.

The Ridgeway
A week or so ago Bexley Council was bragging about re-opening their section of the Ridgeway (Crossness to Plumstead station). It looked to me that their efforts to block access by motorcycles had blocked wheelchairs and perambulators. Does anyone still use them?

Ridgeway Ridgeway RidgewayI went to have a look and narrowly avoided being knocked down by a motorcyclist. He very politely apologised!

It was disappointing to note that the path had not yet fully re-opened and the fancy barrier is already showing signs of abuse. The damage is not easily photographed. I should learn to carry a polarising filter.

The Ridgeway User Group doesn’t seem to know a lot about the present situation either.

The Wilton Road dump
There may be more to the heap of rubbish that appeared by the chip shop last Monday morning. I’m fairly sure it wasn’t there on Sunday when I picked up a newspaper in McColls opposite but when I went into the shop at 7:05 the following morning there was a big skip lorry parked under the rubbish heap. It was only then that I noticed the rubbish for the first time.

I assumed the skip lorry was there to take it away but in the minute it took to buy the newspaper it had gone away.

This morning the rubbish heap was removed, far too quickly for any bureaucracy to be involved. It is beginning to look as though Monday’s skip lorry had put it there and the take-away owner was the innocent victim. Maybe I’ll find out something at next week’s Traders’ Association meeting.

By the way, the heap wasn’t quite as big as it looked, there is a lean to building with a flat roof the other side of the wall as may be seen in the photograph below.


The cops have dropped a brick
WindscreenWhen a car windscreen was vandalised in Wilton Road last Monday afternoon the victim phoned 101.

He was told to retrieve the brick without touching it and keep it in a polythene bag. More than 48 hours later it is still awaiting collection.

Two witnesses left their contact details and the vandal was captured on CCTV. He is known in the Mini-Cab office.

Maybe it is because he will be so easy to catch is the reason for the police being in no hurry but it doesn’t inspire confidence does it?


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