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Bonkers Blog July 2017

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20 July - “Serial liars”

Last night’s Council meeting was a good one, the new Mayor did a good job, any political insults thrown were pretty minor ones and it managed to be an upbeat affair with a lot of cross party agreement.

When it will get reported here goodness only knows. My ‘carer’ duties have expanded to new horizons and now occupy three or more afternoons each week and somehow or other I find myself doing DIY jobs for three family members, soft touch that I am. Reluctantly I’ve had to ignore the requests to create two new websites!

Whether or not you believe any of that is of course up to you. Bexley Conservatives’ Twitter account (@bexleynews) labelled me a “Serial Liar” this morning. I felt quite elated about being recognised although the sense of irony was overwhelming.

Serial LiarThere is still a page on Bexley Conservatives’ website which says that Labour Councillors were misbehaving in the Council chamber while their supporters in the public gallery were cheering them on. The only member of the public present was me and except for Danny Hackett in 2014 I have never voted Labour in my life. My opinion of the London Mayor is unprintable!

The Council’s webcast proved that I was alone in the public gallery and sat there doing nothing. My report is still on BiB's front page. Bexley Conservatives know their report of the 2nd November 2016 meeting is one long lie but it hasn’t been removed.

There are dozens of such examples. Greenwich police were so appalled by Bexley Council’s lying both locally and on national TV on another occasion that they sent a file to the Crown Prosecution Service suggesting a Councillor and three Council officers be charged with Misconduct in Public Office.

Why does Bexley Council have to lie so much? It's not as though they are the worst Council in London. Stop the lying and start listening and it would look OK in parts.

If I am a serial liar why haven’t they pulled me up on something during the past eight years? Maybe it is because everything written is based on written or recorded evidence. It may not always be absolutely perfect all the time but nothing is made up. Can you imagine what a muddle the site would be if it was built on lies? Nothing would hang together properly and references back to old stories would have to be constantly checked out for inconsistencies.

There was one occasion when a Conservative Councillor phoned me on my land line to say he didn’t think I had got what he said quite right and did so within 20 minutes of publication. I was more than a little impressed and made a small revision to the blog. Councillor Slaughter usually gets the blame for any contact with me but it definitely wasn’t her, it was someone who is in a much more well known position.

The Serial Liar comment was only on line for a few minutes and I wasn’t on my PC when I spotted it, hence the lack of a screen grab. To be honest - can I use that expression in this blog? - I don’t care what they call me, people will judge for themselves. However it is perhaps absolutely crazy that Bexley Council has never looked for a solution to being featured here daily by someone who is basically on their side. Reporting me to the police every so often only makes matters worse.

The Council Leader and the Chief Executive can’t be as bright as they think they are.


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