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Bonkers Blog July 2017

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Old Farm

12 July (Part 2) - Scary stuff best taken with a pinch of salt for the moment

Thanks to my friend Hugh who runs the Maggot Sandwich blog, I now have a copy of the leaflet that frightened the life out of my Crossrail railway friend.

Wow! It’s not often I sympathise with the Cabinet Member for Growth and Regeneration but you can see why she felt more than a little upset last night. The leaflet paints the very worst picture possible and in any case few think that Bexley’s regeneration plan will ever fully see the light of day; the transport infrastructure is just not there or likely to be any time soon.

I too have grave misgivings about what the North of the borough would be like with maybe another 100,000 residents to support but last night’s Cabinet meeting made it clear why Bexley wants to flood the place with bricks and mortar, it is bringing around a life-saving increase in Council Tax revenues.

Do you think I might get a thank you from Linda Bailey for BiB’s Public Service Announcement?


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