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Bonkers Blog July 2017

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12 July (Part 1) - In the absence of adequate explanation the rumour mill will flourish

I’ve not been to any of Bexley Council’s regeneration roadshows, there didn’t seem to be any point. I know what they have planned so all I would likely get out of going is a picture of Council employees peddling Bexley’s chosen line.

Abbey WoodTheir booklet says that 27,000 new houses are on the way supported by a Crossrail extension to Dartford (when Abbey Wood’s new station very effectively stops another two tracks going further to the East), a DLR extension through to Belvedere, Erith and Crayford which cannot happen soon, two new river crossings when one of the idiot Khan’s first decisions was to put them on the back burner, an imagined express bus-way to Dartford and more frequent bus services elsewhere while TfL is busy moving in the opposite direction.

It wasn’t very clever of Bexley Council to initially miss Slade Green (8,000 new homes planned) off their roadshow schedule and to fill the gap a rumour mill started work. This week has seen a number of worried residents come to light with stories of imminent compulsory purchase of their homes.

One of my ‘railway friends’ (known to me because of the daily Crossrail photographic expeditions) who lives very close to Slade Green station was bemoaning the imminent loss of his house to make way for a new Crossrail station “which we know is total bollocks anyway”.

I asked Stefano Borella, one of the Slade Green Councillors, if there was any truth in the stories of Compulsory Purchases as it was all news to me. The answer could be summarised as “No”. There might be a handful at some time in the future but right now he knew of no specific plans.

At last night’s Cabinet meeting Linda Bailey, Cabinet Member for Growth, referred to a local pressure group that had sprung up and was spreading misinformation. Council Leader Teresa O’Neill said the same thing. Neither were at all happy about it.

One must therefore assume at the moment that the mass issue of Compulsory Purchase Orders is not planned and the report on the News Shopper’s website deserves the same description as that given by my railway friend to the likelihood of a Crossrail extension in my lifetime.


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