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Bonkers Blog July 2017

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9 July (Part 2) - Bexley’s roads. Moronic!

Florence RoadYou don’t need BiB to tell you that everything to do with roads in Bexley is wrong, designed by idiots intent on causing as much chaos as possible. As Councillor John Davey memorably told me in 2009, road design in Bexley is absolutely bonkers, hence the name of this website.

Council traffic management appears to attract the lowest form of intellect. A friend is occasionally invited to a social function at which Greenwich’s Andrew Bashford equivalent is frequently present. I think he may have retired now. When my friend asked him what motivates his road designs he said it was “to pee off as many motorists as possible.

In Bexley they like to pee off bus drivers too.

I've reported this one before and it was last featured on BiB a year ago. Cars can legally park on a narrow right angle bend in Florence Road, Abbey Wood. If anything bigger than a tiny car is parked there, there is no way a bus can get past.

The driver of this one had resorted to locking the cab and knocking on nearby doors.

Bexley Council is fond of painting double yellow lines all across the borough, but where they are really needed they simply cannot be bothered. Am I allowed to say “arseholes“? No probably not.

Fortunately at 7 p.m. on a Sunday evening without any trains running to Abbey Wood there was very little traffic about.

The black BMW was trying to get by on the footpath. I don’t think he made it.


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