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Bonkers Blog July 2017

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6 July (Part 1) - Reader’s rant

There are so many jobs to be done at the moment - not all BiB related - I don’t really know where to start. Something that frequently gets neglected is replies to emails. Trying to file them away at intervals over the past few days reveals a frightening number that were never answered.

I can only apologise if yours was not acknowledged.

While I try to get a grip and produce a proper report on this week’s Council meetings I thought you might be amused by this two month old email which was one of too many that were not answered.

I’ve been catching up on your tales of corruption. From Councillors to Members of Parliament it serves only to confirm my reasons for moving out of Bexley.

I was born in Erith in 1951, both parents from Erith too and I used to be proud of the place. Now? I hope I never have to visit it ever again.

There was no actual tipping point although high on the list was Bexley’s traffic management and roads. Yes the cash cows, box junctions, roundabouts designed by Spirograph and road works! I’m so glad I'm away from it now.

Conway and the utilities. I reckon its a Taliban plot to drive everyone insane. Bexley’s aim to double the population without spending on infrastructure. Bexley schools for Bexley kids; how come Townley Grammar takes kids from Greenwich, Woolwich and Charlton?

Don’t get me started on lack of policing. Quote from a neighbourhood cop, “We have lost the battle and the bad guys know it”.

Do people know Bexley’s major routes are not controlled by the Council but by GLA as strategic routes? Unelected Dickheads. Anyway keep up the good work, you make me happy I’m out of it.

Bexley Council claims that their residents are the happiest in London. It’s twaddle. The survey was based on the use of the sad or happy emoji on social media posts. One could just as easily argue that Bexley residents are the least literate in London unable to find the right words to express themselves.


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