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Bonkers Blog January 2017

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8 January - More rubbish about Bexley

People don’t like fly tipping do they? Yesterday’s blog got a few people agitated. The craziest story I heard came from the St. Augustine’s Road area of Belvedere where there was one of those big street bins which didn’t get emptied often enough and consequently tended to have black sacks placed alongside it. If you have made a special journey to the bin, where else would you put them?

However they are undeniably unsightly especially if the foxes get at them so the occasional request was made to the Council to pick them up. Bexley Council has come up with a unique solution to the problem of bins attracting sacks but it is not the obvious one of emptying the bins more often. Council logic is that if a full bin attracts black sacks then the problem would go away if the bin was removed, so that is what they have done. Presumably the black sacks will be more widely distributed in future.

Gayton Road in Abbey Wood and nearby Lensbury Way lost a total of at least eight street bins about a year ago. In the case of Gayton Road where the bins were, a spy camera has been installed to make sure no one drops a black bag there. Fly tippers are the primary cause of fly tipping, not the Council, as Cabinet Member Peter Craske is fond of telling his Labour party colleagues, but Bexley Council is a fly tipper’s primary motivator.

It’s four weeks since Crossrail was last mentioned here and pictorially speaking it has not been the most exciting month on record. They took ten days off over Christmas and New Year but outside that period the work was mainly prepare the ground, lay the cable conduits, fill the holes with concrete and drop the pre-cast platform sections into place. They will have to be going some to finish it by February when the track is due to be laid but things somehow seem to run to time. Click here for pictures.

There was some station roof work going on too but without a drone it is hard to see what.

Meanwhile, and not really a Crossrail problem, the lights at the pedestrian crossing outside Sainsbury’s continue to turn red all by themselves day and night. More than a month after both Bexley and Greenwich Councils were told about it.


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