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Bonkers Blog February 2017

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26 February (Part 1) - Crossrail buffers installed. Lesnes Abbey regeneration hits them

Lesnes CrossrailI’m not sure why I started taking pictures of the Crossrail works that disrupt so many lives around Abbey Wood except for a general interest in engineering. There have been five generations of engineers in my family which is as far as I can trace back on the paternal side because the line comes to a full stop in India more than 150 years ago.

Railway, Marine, Aeronautical, Telecoms and Road vehicle engineering and having accumulated a daily library of Crossrail photos from the first swing of the wrecking ball to the piling for overhead line gantries going on today it would be a shame to stop despite Network Rail’s determination to block every available view.

The latest set is of the long drawn out project east of Abbey Wood which depicts the new track and its recently installed connection to the North Kent line and a set of buffers. It doesn’t connect through the station yet which it will in a week’s time if Network Rail hasn’t revised its plan since I last spoke to them, but once that is done it will be possible to bring engineering trains from Hoo Junction to the tunnel portal at Plumstead instead of circumnavigating half of south London to get to Abbey Wood.

A few people have complained about the inclusion of Crossrail photos but that is tough. The associated image (grabbed a few days ago) shows that the Crossrail Index is the second most popular BiB page that readers have bookmarked. That’s not the same as saying it is the second most visited page but it is the page a large number of people come to first and it helps spread the word about Bexley Council’s dishonesty. Some comment on it.

The traditional comparison with the progress being made by Bexley Council in Lesnes Abbey Park is a bit of a non-event. It’s picturesque to be sure, but it appears to be no closer to being completely finished. I asked my Councillor if there was going to be an official opening but he said that if past performance is anything to go by he will be told nothing.


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