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Bonkers Blog February 2017

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21 February (Part 2) - Harrow Manorway. Does it have the capacity to fully serve the Crossrail station?

Harrow Manorway Yellow gang Yellow gangThe Crossrail related changes to Harrow Manorway were due to start in the middle of February but there has not been much sign of it.

A week ago some cones appeared in the middle of the northern approach. There was no obvious reason, they were just standing in the middle of the road and it was surprising nobody hit them.

This morning more cones appeared which may be unrelated, a gas van was parked alongide, then at lunchtime there were unmistakable signs that something was afoot.

A gang of men wearing both FM Conway and TfL hi-viz jackets were wandering about the place accompanied by Andrew Bashford no less, Bexley’s Traffic Engineer who was the spur for launching Bexley is Bonkers.

There is not a great deal of room on the flyover for what Bexley has in mind. A segregated footpath and cycle track plus bus lane in each direction. Will there be room for a proper road too?

Greenwich Council is rather further ahead with its quid pro quo on the southern side of the railway track. It’s rare to see anyone working there but Wilton Road has made quite a lot of progress. Looks like it will take a lot longer than the forecast eight weeks though.


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