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Bonkers Blog February 2017

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17 February (Part 1) - Top brass laughing all the way to the bank. You won’t be

CutsCouncil Leader Teresa O’Neill has been going on about reducing the number of Councillors for nearly seven years, the newspaper cutting shown here is from 2010.

In May 2018 she will finally get there. 63 Councillors will be reduced to 45 saving the Bexley taxpayers £169,524 a year.

You can be very sure that it is something that the Conservatives will be bragging about in the forthcoming (May 2018) election campaign. In fact you don’t have to wait that long, they are at it already.

However in Bexley as you should know by now, nothing is as it seems. There will be no real saving at all.

Cutting numbers The bureaucratic gravy train needs to be kept on track somehow and the management team at Bexley Council is busy feathering its nest. It has decided that someone to oversee the new situation is urgently required and that an Assistant Chief Executive is the answer.

One is being recruited right now and she (a she is almost inevitable in Bexley) will cost us £99,000 a year plus the obligatory 20% pension contribution on top.

By the time the 2022 elections come around we will have saved £678,000 on Councillors’ allowances and blown around £600k. on more top brass. Where has austerity gone and why?

The desk thieving Chief Executive Gill Steward got her job on the basis that she as an expert at Transformation. It was the first claim she made on her CV.

Perhaps she fibbed. Maybe she is not up to the job.
Jobs for the girls?
The only thing residents are going to get out of the reduction in Councillor numbers is a longer wait to see one.

Click the final image to see the whole recruitment notice.


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