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Bonkers Blog February 2017

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10 February (Part 2) - An exhibition for posh houses held in a very posh house

The Old Farm Park exhibition held yesterday in Sidcup’s Manor House was already busy when I arrived bang on the opening time and it rapidly got busier.

Old Farm Park Old Farm Park All the plans are on line so there is no point in repeating them here but they looked quite nice to me, especially the redesign of the remaining park land which has been done by an outside contractor. The same one responsible for Belvedere Beach and the Monk’s Garden at Lesnes Abbey.

On the other hand I am not going to have the view from my back garden destroyed or have to put up with all the extra traffic in the neighbouring streets or find my child can no longer attend the nearest school.

And once again Bexley Council is encouraging ‘posh’ houses that only the wealthy can afford. But that is the only policy - taxing property as heavily as possible - that might ensure its financial stability. Blame the Conservative government for that.

There is as one of my correspondents says, nothing for those on low incomes.

I have given up on this Council ever doing anything to help the people in the borough.

It appears that low paid workers trying to get a grip on life are being ignored and left at the bottom of the heap whilst Bexley Council look after themselves and make money at the expense of the “little people”.

My grievance with the powers that be is their total disdain for people who need a home and Old Farm Avenue is a prime example. They are selling a park that the locals don’t want sold but the housing isn’t for the people desperate and on the waiting list is it?

It will be sold to people with means and not for renting to local people who need a home in the borough. The people who empty bins, make coffee, pick your shopping because you’re too lazy to go to the shops, people who earn £9.00 an hour. They won’t get a chance so they will continue to share their bedroom with their kids and live with their in-laws and wait and bid each week on homes they will never get. All because Bexley Council has washed its hands of these desperate people.

They can’t afford to rent privately because the rents are too high and getting a deposit is out of their reach as well. They do not earn enough to save. They can pay their bills and put food and clothes on the tables but no more.

What is Bexley Council planning for people waiting for a chance to provide a decent home for their families? There is NOTHING at all for the poorest people except contempt.

She has a point doesn’t she? Even affordable houses have been going for £600,000 in Erith. How ridiculous is that?


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