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News and Comment February 2017

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9 February (Part 2) - Holes big and small

Sidcup Sidcup SidcupPossibly worse than never getting around to answering email is answering them with a promise of action and then forgetting about it.

So the attached photos are nothing more than belatedly fulfilling reader requests. They are of the Thames Water works in Sidcup which causes all the railway station to hospital buses to be on diversion and the current situation at Ye Olde Leather Bottle in Belvedere. When the correspondent spoke of hoardings around the site I imagined something better than the tatty Heras fencing. Basically it was the same old mess that it has been for a very long time, around a year.

Finally there is a pot hole in Abbey Road deeper than the one I photographed last week. I have not yet perfected showing the depth of holes in photos but I was able to put my foot in it and it easily went in to the depth of my ankle.

It would be a suspension wrecker if you drove into it, as might be all too easy at night.

Leather Bottle Leather Bottle Leather Bottle Pothole


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