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Bonkers Blog February 2017

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9 February (Part 1) - And Massey makes three

An Assistant Commissioner at the Metropolitan Police’s Directorate of Professionalism (they seem to have revised their name) has confirmed that my complaint against Bexley police for once again bending the rules as a favour to Bexley Council has been accepted for further investigation.

Councillors Sharon and Don Massey thereby join their not so illustrious forebears Councillors Peter Craske and Cheryl Bacon in getting Bexley police officers into trouble after doing something really stupid and seeking help from their probably reluctant friends.

Councillor Craske was involved with unlawful impersonation and a hate crime and arrested. Bexley Council, the Police and the Crown Prosecution Service decided to ride to his rescue.

Let’s resolve Peter Craske’s situation. And just a little too friendly don’t you think?

Chief Superintendents Dave Stringer and Victor Olisa were accused of Perverting the Course of Justice and I have been led to believe that the next stage of the investigation into the plot to get Councillor Craske off the hook is to call a number of police officers in for tape recorded interviews, under caution I assume.

It is all likely to take a long time but wrong doing has been confirmed. In due course I shall ask the police to pursue the Councillors and Council officers who interfered with the investigatory process.

The police’s collusion with Bexley Council to cover for Councillor Cheryl Bacon’s lies - they changed their report a year after the event - is still an on-going investigation.

The latest complaint is in connection with my threatened arrest for harassing the Masseys. The police locally were asked to provide an example of where I might have been anywhere near to harassing the Masseys and they failed to do so from which I conclude that they are either incompetent or once again bowed to political pressure. This is the basis for an allegation of Gross Misconduct.


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