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Bonkers Blog February 2017

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7 February - Nothing to report

MorleysReports were that Bexleyheath and Welling had been at a standstill in recent days with shopping trips abandoned so I took a quick bus trip to take a look. Not that there is such a thing as a quick bus trip from Abbey Wood to Broadway because there is no direct bus route. However the B11 is not too bad despite the strange loop to Wickham Lane.

As can be seen in Photos 1 and 2 below there was not only no gridlock there was no one working on the road wrecking either. The new department store (not open yet) provided the most interesting picture of the day.

For no obvious reason Bexley Council had banned parking from the southern side of Broadway and the bus stop was closed necessitating a run to Lion Road where I scraped on to a 96 to Welling. At Welling Corner TfL is correcting the errors they made while taking a whole year to install new traffic lights three years ago. One day they will find the time to mend the lights on Harrow Manorway too. They have been malfunctioning since the middle of last November. It’s only Abbey Wood so no one cares.

There was very little traffic in Welling either.

So nothing to report.

Albion Road Albion Road Welling Corner Welling Corner


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