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Bonkers Blog February 2017

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6 February - More wildlife displacement

They kept us waiting all day but Bexley Council’s plans for Old Farm Park limped on to the web an hour ago.

The proposed layout of the new housing estate is shown, some pictures (examples below) of the ‘improvements’ planned for the remainder of the park and some of the dubious statistics they used to justify the sale. On Thursday there will be an exhibition in Sidcup Manor House, 3:30 till 20:00.

Council’s Press Release. (Don’t click on the link provided, it’s still broken.)
Harrow Inn PlanAt least the people of Sidcup will soon have some idea of what the future holds. In the north where the Harrow Inn Public House was demolished eight years ago there is now an expanse of mud. Over the past couple of weeks Peabody Housing which owns the site has cleared it completely. Where the rats and birdlife went I have no idea, nor is it confirmed what Peabody plans to do with the site although it is bound to include flats.

The rumour that part of it will become a McDonalds appears to be either an unfounded rumour or a very well kept secret.

The last planning application for the site, click image to enlarge, was rejected by Bexley Council in 2010 because the noise from the flyover might exceed permissible limits, thereby ensuring there was no improvement to the area for the next eight years or maybe more.


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