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Bonkers Blog February 2017

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5 February (Part 1) - Nothing in Bexley is safe from attack. Budgetary sparrow hawks pounce

ShrubsBexley Council has found another way of saving money, they are ripping up shrubs and hedges in parks and verges so that maintenance costs are reduced to zero. The effect on wild life is devastating, sparrows in particular.

The Bexley Wildlife website has all the details but a correspondent provides several other examples. Shrubs close to the Asda supermarket in Bexleyheath and along Arnsberg Way have gone too.

There used to be dozens of sparrows in my front garden most of the time. They all disappeared when Network Rail removed a large number, maybe 100 or more, of conifers from alongside the nearby railway line.

The birds were missing for a year but a few came back during the recent cold spell.


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