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Bonkers Blog February 2017

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3 February (Part 2) - Police update updated

Three days ago it was reported here that the police investigation into their failure to properly investigate the obscene blog which involved Cabinet Member Peter Craske’s internet connection had dragged on for nearly five years. Opinions varied on whether that meant it must end soon or all the new leads that have turned up in recent months must be a delaying tactic.

An optimist might say that whilst my police contact gave little away in his monthly updates the accumulation of tiny snippets of information would make it difficult for him to argue that no police officer in Bexleyheath had done anything wrong. The realist might say that officialdom always finds a way of excusing their own behaviour.

Yesterday the police invited me and my fellow complainant Elwyn Bryant to another meeting. The wording was such that it is very clear that the optimist will for once triumph over the realist. I don’t think I should say any more right now except that I won’t be happy if it is only police officers who are in trouble. The Councillors who put them in an invidious position must be punished too.


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