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Bonkers Blog February 2017

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1 February (Part 2) - I’m not the only one

PeapleAfter mentioning the far too cosy relationship between Bexley Council and their uniformed branch in Arnsberg Way yesterday, Martin Peaple reminded me that I am not alone in being threatened by Bexley police after upsetting Bexley Council.

He had a similar knock on his door when he warned motorists that there was a Bexley Council Gestapo Wagon hidden up a side street near his place of employment.

Bexley Council ordered that he be photographed and they passed it to the police with a request that Martin be warned off.

TweetThere was absolutely no legal basis for it but why would that bother Bexley police except perhaps that the story finished up on the front page of the News Shopper on 4th May 2011?

The last paragraph of the newspaper’s report is a perfect example of how Bexley Council was keen to clamp down on democracy in the borough.

Cabinet Member Peter Craske was in charge of parking issues at the time. He was quite busy with his cameras that month, not only did he have a photo of Martin, he had video of me walking through the Cinema car park with Nicholas Dowling. That visit was reported in an obscenity filled blog on 21st May. I wonder who created that?


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