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Bonkers Blog December 2017

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24 December - Not a Happy Christmas

It has not been a good week. Within hours of the trip to Swanley a dose of flu came up out of nowhere and left me shivering, shaking and sweating in bed so weak from coughing and sneezing that there were times when I was unable to get to the kitchen tap to assuage the thirst. This morning is the first time my body feels as though it wants to work even though my head gives the impression of detachment and being somewhere else.

Then on Thursday morning Newham Hospital rang to give five hours notice of their intention to discharge my 97 year old aunt back into her own house to fend for herself. All they can do for her condition now, caused by two and a half years of neglect by her named GP (Goodyear, Wordsworth Surgery, Newham) who has never seen her, not even once, is to give her the correct pills and hope they reverse some of the brain damage. Taking pills does not warrant a long hospital stay so she is condemned to sit at home alone a danger to herself and her neighbours.

Having won a 24 hour stay of execution I managed to organise a chaperoned taxi ride to Hampshire where the old lady is now with my sister while we hope her mental condition will improve.

There has been much thinking about the actions of Councillor Fothergill who is campaigning for the news of her lost libel action to be taken off line. She emailed and phoned to that effect several times, her solicitor must have told her there was nothing he could do, so in desperation she went to the police. Kent Police had previously arrested three people because of false allegations by Councillor Fothergill, it must have seemed worth another shot.

Would the police have entertained such a complaint if the news source was an established newspaper?

The first hard evidence of her expensive mistake did not reach this website until 16th November and three days later further news came with the headline ‘Drawing a line’. I considered the story told and it was time to move on.

If a Councillor is able to convince the police that reporting news without so much as giving an opinion is criminal harassment then it seems to me that there is no hope left for democracy and we all may as well give up.

Thank you to the one reader who emailed to voice his disgust with the situation but it will take a lot more than that to persuade me to take Bonkers into the New Year.

But maybe it’s just the flu bug still talking…


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