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Bonkers Blog December 2017

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20 December (Part 2) - Black bags and buses. Lust and litter

The East Side Centre goes to Bexley Council
No one does planning applications better than fromthemurkydepths so there is little to add to his report of The East Side Centre planning application which has surfaced today.

I too like the curved building at the corner of Highland Road and Albion Road but not at all sure of the remaining half dozen blocks. Mr. Murky describes them as lumpen and grey which seems to be a reasonable description. Viewed from Sainsbury’s I would go as far as saying ugly, the styles vary from one block to the next.

Bexley Council will be anxious to give approval as soon as they can for the £790,000 Council Tax income and the £7·3 million of various one off levies.

As I understand it the closure of Highland Road and converting the Sainsbury’s car park to a town square is a Bexley Council proposal. According to the Bellway man at their first presentation every planning application must assume the car park will go if an application is to succeed.


Fly tipping
Lensbury tipBexley hasn’t got a fly tipping problem, I know that because such statements about reduced levels of tipping have been made in Council.

A Thamesmead resident would beg to differ. While walking around yesterday he found tips at both ends of Overton Road and in Lensbury Way.

The chicken shops are the source of much litter, the man from Thamesmead asks why the Council cannot have a quiet word with the shop owner.

The 301 bus
Following the analysis of Bexley Council’s failure to provide a safe route up Knee Hill a reader suggests a simple solution. A sign supported by CCTV that except for buses no vehicles over a certain weight are allowed on the hill.

It is what they do for the Bexley Village bridge so why not? The answer is as usual that no one really cares about the area north of Brampton Road.

The cigarette police
Someone asks why the litter patrols don’t come to Abbey Wood and other minor towns in Bexley. That’s an easy question to answer. Because the object of the exercise is making money and there is not much to be made outside the bigger towns. Only three offenders found in Abbey Wood so far.

Love (well lust!) is in the air
Two recent messages from within Bexley Council provide a list of the various liaisons alleged to flourish within the Civic Centre.

Don’t such informants realise that Bexley Council is already out to get me for imagined crimes? I’m not sure that publishing a list of who is shagging who will do my plea of innocence a lot of good.


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