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Bonkers Blog December 2017

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17 December (Part 1) - Another Four Weeks in Abbey Wood. The good and the not so good

No loop Harrow ManorwayIt’s time to release the latest batch of Crossrail photos. 28 more to go to break the 7,000 barrier.

Over the past month the Gayton Road lifts were brought into use and a couple of days ago the toilets were opened and already flooded once by ‘jokers’ who jammed the taps open.

On the downside the barriers are overcharging Oyster users and the platform maps are still wrong. They do not show the Crayford loop.

Work is slowly advancing on Harrow Manorway and the pedestrian crossing has reverted to a 15 second cycle for the passage of road traffic. According to the imbeciles at TfL that is how it should be. I am sure Councillor John Davey will join with me in saying that holding up traffic unnecessarily is simply Bonkers.


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