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Bonkers Blog December 2017

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9 December (Part 1) - How do you define corruption?

Do you know what Block Management is? Me neither until I went back to LBC radio after being a Radio 4 addict and then became sick of hearing an advertisement for it. I looked it up.

It’s looking after blocks of flats, cutting the lawns, cleaning the communal areas, fixing the plumbing etc.; all that sort of thing.

I lived in a managed flat in Plumstead from 1984 to 1987 and hated it. Not just the woman upstairs with the succession of boyfriends, the noisy bedsprings and the creaking floor but also the large bill for grass cutting when it was tall enough to partially obscure my windows.

Probably someone down the chain of command was making a fat profit. Hard to tell but something didn’t seem right.

Councillor Maxine Fothergill does Block Management and Hayley Warnes ran that show for her company, AMAX Estates. Maxine Fothergill accused her of fraud for Block Mismanagement. Hayley left AMAX to train as a surveyor with Ray Robson and together they sued Maxine Fothergill for libel.

Entirely without foundation Councillor Fothergill had circulated a letter which said “It is clearly the case that Robson and others have colluded in an attempt to gain management control for their own ends” and thanks to that libellous statement they are together £70,000 richer.

Hayley paid dearly for those false allegations, she was under arrest by Kent Police for eleven months until they eventually came to realise that they had been misled.

Ms. Warnes doesn’t work for Ray any more (family reasons) but they are back together now working towards a police prosecution of Councillor Fothergill for attempting to pervert the course of justice and wasting police time. The police have already provided an informal response indicating they are not best pleased with Councillor Fothergill.

Ray Robson told me that he considers Hayley Warnes to be the most honest woman he has ever met but to tell you his opinion of Councillor Fothergill would probably get me into trouble with her solicitors again.

I wasn’t going to show you this but now that Councillor Fothergill has joined the ranks of Councillors who have made moves that could land me in Court publishing more evidence from the High Court does not seem too unreasonable.

Ray says Hayley is as straight as a die but won’t say the same for Councillor Fothergill. Do you think he may be right?
Text exchange

Text message from Maxine Fothergill to Hayley Warnes (in green). Click image to rotate.

Bexley UKIP is in trouble with Councillor Fothergill’s solicitor for suggesting that she is as corrupt as Bexley Council more generally.

Is seeking freebies from flooring contractors who might add the costs to their bill an indication of corruption? I don’t know. I will leave that to you and Maxine Fothergill’s solicitor to decide.


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