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Bonkers Blog December 2017

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8 December (Part 1) - ‘Threatened’ by her solicitor

I have been threatened by Councillor Maxine Fothergill’s solicitor. So has the local UKIP branch who ‘borrowed’ the Court documents that were published on BiB.

Bexley Councillors are very good at starting long term wars. Council Leader Teresa O’Neill will never be forgiven for telling the police I was planning violence against her and arson against the Civic Offices. I got that from the Borough Commander himself. It is Teresa O’Neill who has kept this blog going through the several periods when I was getting tired of it.

I had actually forgiven Councillor Peter Craske for the obscene blog episode. I was able to look at the funny side and I owe him for providing the material for so many thousands of words on BiB. Elwyn didn’t feel the same because his wife was not at all happy to read the false allegation that he had been having it away with me. One police officer actually believed it and recorded the same address for both of us!

Any sympathy I had for Craske evaporated on 1st October when he told a small gathering that he had no idea who I was.

MasseysCouncillor Philip Read is unlikely to be forgiven for the tittle tattle that saw Erith based former blogger John Kerlen wrongly held in a police cell for 24 hours and until Cabinet Member Don Massey leaves the Council next May his name will be regurgitated whenever the opportunity arises. According to the police he told them that the image you see here was publishing all his daughter’s personal details.

But I felt sorry for Councillor Fothergill and because of that held back some of the gory details of her libel case. She did however try my patience to the limit.

She made three phone calls to my home landline - no Councillor has ever done that before - and sent six emails, the first of them repeating her libel. Another of her emails accused me of making things up. Those facts would never have been made public if she had not reopened the news agenda by going to her solicitor.

By the time the fifth and sixth emails arrived the libel story had dropped out of the BiB headlines. I didn’t open them because the contents might tip me over the edge and the story would have to continue to the next stage. It was in Councillor Fothergill’s best interests that that did not happen.

Councillor Fothergill’s theme was at first that she was innocent but one of the attached documents proved not to be the whole story and by intent or not it led me up the garden path.

Later messages were pleas to help save her business by removing all the blogs and documents. I was tempted because I have nothing against Councillor Fothergill personally but on the other hand Bexley Council never holds back when the opportunity arises to attack residents it doesn’t like. (Do I have to list all the examples again?)

So I stuck with the usual technique; publish the documents, don’t say anything at all that is not supported by those documents, spread the news and let readers draw their own conclusions. As a result Maxine Fothergill’s solicitor has found his hands tied, he asked me not to link to the UKIP website with threats about non-compliance; that is all. Now you are going to have to Google UKIP Bexley.

UKIP’s site tried to link the corruption that has been endemic at the top level of Bexley’s Conservative Council with Maxine Fothergill whereas BiB left that question open. Councillor Fothergill’s solicitor is demanding that UKIP removes its current front page and replaces it with an apology.

It was easy to feel sorry for Maxine Fothergill, she had never done me any harm. It was not me who spent eleven months under arrest for being honest, so the very worst of the documents in my possession were not published. I judged that readers were not very interested, there had not been a lot of feedback so the subject was dead and soon to be forgotten.

But not now. If UKIP want to continue with their assumptions then maybe BiB should give them some evidence.


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