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Bonkers Blog December 2017

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7 December (Part 2) - A Tale of Two Councils

Gayton Road Felixstowe RoadIt was a damp sort of day but I have known a lot worse. I was out and about three times and never bothered to use my umbrella but even a fine drizzle can flood Gayton Road. Thirty or more years it has been like it and Bexley Council has never bothered to fix it.

Fortunately it would have to be another foot deeper for the new station lifts to go under water so they should be safe. Maybe the plans for a new improved Gayton Road include plans for a proper drainage system.

On the other side of the railway it is Greenwich Council that is neglecting its duties but maybe understandably so. The two litter bins on the path to the station have not been put back on the cleaning schedule. They haven’t been emptied since the new station opened. Just an oversight presumably but the mess is getting worse as each day goes by.

The situation was reported to an Abbey Wood Councillor this evening. We will soon find out if he is better or worse than his counterpart in Bexley at litter removal.


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