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Bonkers Blog August 2017

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29 August - Abbey to lies via musical flies

Lesnes LesnesThere was a musical event at Lesnes Abbey yesterday. Judged by the number of cars parked in my adjacent road it was not a huge success although when I went to take a closer look the park was as full as it ever gets on a nice summer afternoon.

Family groups were well dispersed and despite what the photos might imply a quick estimate suggested more than 100 people in total. Maybe as many as 150.

Whilst some were taking advantage of the park cafe, most were sitting well clear of the music. With a guitarist singing a song with the repetitive line “Fruit flies like a banana” I can’t say I was particularly surprised. I found the audience member attacking her toe nails with clippers marginally more entertaining.

I had hoped to, if not bump into a Councillor or two, at least spy one from afar, but I was to be disapppointed. I saw none. However Councillor Read claimed to have put in an appearance and maybe he did.

His Tweet suggested he had done the rounds of Bexley’s new tourist attractions. He went on to tell me that as a Lesnes resident I was pleased to hear that Bexley is investing more in key services.

Road investment seems to have genuinely gone up thanks to TfL but more generally things have ‘gone up’ to a level rather less than when the Conservatives were elected in 2014. Who does Read think he is kidding?

Lie Lie
Lie Lie
Well he seems to have kidded a North End resident into thinking that Labour Councillors were in favour of spending less. Tell a lie often enough and…

Then, with no regard whatsoever for the irony, the Conservative Numpty for Northumberland Heath complains that London Mayor Sadiq Khan is too keen on misleading the gullible, which of course he is.

I had no idea that Councillor Philip Read could ever recognise a lie when he saw one.


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