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Bonkers Blog August 2017

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27 August - Limping back on line

A major rebuild of a 15 month old computer because of a failing motherboard using as many of the old components as possible was probably more bother than it was worth because unlike just making a new PC there was a period when neither worked.

But all seems well now, various software licenses have been successfully transferred and BiB is ready to go again.

What’s new? Not a lot it would seem. Bexley Conservatives are still lying big time and rather unimaginatively bases them on the same old subterfuge.

Tories proposed a partial reversal of old cuts and planned to spend X on rectifying some of their past errors of judgment. Labour would have preferred to spend X and a bit; ergo Labour was against spending X on services. I suppose some people might fall for it.

LieToday’s lie adopts the same format.

Wait a few days and you will get another lie claiming that Labour plans to let spending run amok and impose a 40% Council Tax increase - as though there aren’t laws against that.

Bexley Councillors are supposed to observe the seven principles for public life established by Lord Nolan more than 20 years ago.

Selflessness, Integrity, Objectivity, Accountability, Openness, Honesty and Leadership.

Surely two or three of those are being blown apart on a daily basis by Bexley Conservatives.

Can’t someone report them to Bexley’s Code of Conduct Committee?

Oh, I nearly forgot. Its Chairman was investigated by the police for big time lying and the cops regarded it as sufficiently serious to submit a file to the Crown Prosecution Service.

The Royal Charlotte
The Charlotte Bexley Council’s favourite strip joint is back before the Planning Committee next Thursday evening. Last time it was there a proposal to turn it into flats was turned down. This time at the insistence of Bexley Council the bar will be retained. Its immediate neighbours won’t be too happy about that.

I doubt I will get to the meeting. I’ve a long standing appointment elsewhere that day, I will be lucky if I scrape home in time for the webcast.

TfL - Not Every Journey Matters
The year old pedestrian crossings on Harrow Manorway have proved to be very unreliable, they have been malfunctioning on and off since last November. There is no need to press the button to get the traffic to stop, the lights go red periodically all by themselves.

The Sainsbury’s set went wrong a couple of weeks ago and last Friday TfL said they were unable to give a date when they might be fixed.

Crossrail v Lesnes
Lesnes Crossrail Thanks to the vandals the Lesnes Abbey regeneration - running nearly three years late - has gone backwards in one respect at least. There is no platform at the Pond Dipping Platform but repairs are in progress. (Photo 1.)

If Lesnes looks like it won’t be finished just yet there are signs that Network Rail are pulling out of some of their sites. S13 is nice and tidy again (see Photo 2) after serving as a materials store for the past couple of years and S14 is getting there too.

The opening date for Abbey Wood station is now fewer than two months away (current photos)and if I were in charge I think I would be getting worried. There is an awful lot still to be done but I suppose that if the internals are fitted out the exterior doesn’t matter too much.

Probably Bexley Council won’t get the flyover ready in time and cause the whole thing to be held up.

Criminal neglect
WindscreenThe last time BiB did a round up of local trivia was a month ago. It was reported that a car windscreen had been smashed two days earlier by an aggrieved would-be cab customer. The victim and one of the witnesses both confirmed to me last week that they are not aware of any police action. The police phoned to ask if the CCTV recording still existed but they left it nearly three weeks before doing so.

Wilton Road’s unenviable reputation continues by kind permission of the boys and girls in blue.


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