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Bonkers Blog August 2017

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23 August - The cretinous Councillor for Northumberland Heath

I picked up a page from an old newspaper blowing in the wind - Peter Craske should be proud of me - but it doesn’t say anywhere what newspaper it came from, only that it was published on 10th August 2017. I would guess it might be the Kentish Times.
Newspaper Tweet
On it was a letter about Gravesham Council and as I read it I found myself thinking, thank goodness Bexley Council is not that bad. And then I went on to think yet again, why, when many people think they do an OKish sort of job in difficult times, do Bexley Tories have to lie about and exaggerate everything?

I can only suppose that it is a habit that they must maintain at all costs. There is no doubt that in the past Bexley Council has indulged in many corrupt practices and one can understand their need to lie about that and perhaps it is just safer to lie about everything. (It’s OK, they won’t challenge using the C word because they know it is true and I have the evidence.)

They lie just about every day.

It’s been covered before. Bexley Council thought they could save a million or so (see Tweet above) by putting all their staff under one roof and there were three ways of doing that. One was rebuilding in Broadway (£27m.), another was to refurbish the Woolwich building in Watling Street (ultimate cost, £42m.) and the third was building in Erith (projected cost £42m.).

The Tories wanted Watling Street and Labour wanted Erith. Everyone wanted to save the million a year by one means or another but the habitual liars otherwise known as Bexley Conservatives are going around implying to the gullible that Bexley Labour voted against saving money. Teresa O’Neill’s voting fodder is beneath contempt.

I have wondered before why the Labour Councillors don’t fight back. Well sometimes they do.

TweetCouncillor Philip Read who is the Tory’s worst liar in both senses of the word - despite the constant practising he is still no good at it - is still going on about Labour Councillors not welcoming new playgrounds.

Danny Hackett (Labour, Lesnes Abbey) said he was a liar. Philip Read said Danny was stupid.

Do you want to hear again what one Labour Councillor said - there were more - within three minutes of the first Belvedere Beach announcement?

I really really do hope it will be a success. Councillor Joe Ferreira, Erith.

That’s right, they welcomed it.

TweetThen Councillor Craske made the long awaited announcement of a formal opening for the long delayed Lesnes Abbey gardens. Fair enough, the delays were not all Bexley Council’s fault but the Northumberland Numpty just couldn’t resist turning that into another of his ridiculous anti-Labour jibes.

The man is a cretin of the very first order.

Can you take one last Tweet from the cretin? He makes up lies in his sleep.

Tweet“Sad blogging troll”. I suppose he must be referring to me again.

I have much better website search facilities than are available to readers so I can tell you that the last time BiB referred to recycling was in December 2016.

That blog said “Bexley is top dog for recycling”.

BiB has never said anything else. Long ago it suggested that one of the reasons Bexley holds the top position is because of the amount of heavy green waste collected. It boosts the weight percentages well up compared to those boroughs which either don’t collect garden waste or don’t do it as well.

The suggestion was confirmed on the night Bexley Council approved the bin tax. One of the Councillors said it had the potential to knock Bexley off the top spot if the take up of the scheme was poor. Thanks to relatively low prices - half the price of Bromley - the take up rate has been incredibly good.

BiB has never thrown doubt on Bexley’s claim to be top of the recycling league, because unlike their claim to be safest borough, their is no evidence to the contrary.

The only time the merest smidgen of doubt was thrown on Bexley’s top dog claim was in April 2014 when Bonkers reported that Bromley Council claimed to run the best recycling service in London. That is not quite the same thing is it?

It’s probably worth repeating; Councillor and Cabinet Member Philip Read simply has to be a cretin to carry on lying daily and making statements that can so easily be torn apart. Anyone who votes for him next May and knows his record has to be equally cretinous.


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