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Bonkers Blog August 2017

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22 August - Narrow minds, narrow roads

For a short time at yesterday’s funeral the conversation turned to the idiocy to be seen in both Greenwich and Bexley, the narrowing of perfectly good roads at enormous expense and the disruption to life that is inevitable while the work is done and then for ever afterwards as traffic exceeds road capacities.

I was in two minds whether or not to return home via Gravel Hill but in the early afternoon there were no problems - or anyone to be seen working on the scheme for that matter.

Then someone new to Bonkers emailed to say exactly what he thought of the non-stop Council road madness.

BashfordI was in the Bexleyheath Mall car park today and when I drove out I had to take the usual route around the roundabout to get back in the correct direction to get to Townley Road.

It was then that I saw the width restriction and the cycle lane. This section is an accident waiting to happen. Which arsehole thought this dangerous, useless scheme up?

Our council is making this shopping centre a no go area with its so called improvements. It has got to the stage that we try to avoid going to Bexleyheath and when we do go it’s only to Marks & Spencer or Wilkinsons.


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