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Bonkers Blog August 2017

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13 August - And today’s Bexley Council lie is…

I find the claim that Britain’s police are the world’s finest and the National Health Service is the envy of the world to be both embarrassing and cringeworthy. If British local policing is the best, well God help all the other countries, and I seriously doubt that the NHS is envied by many well developed countries.

Some people appear unable to recognise shades of grey, like Bexley Conservatives for example.

Today’s Tory fib isn’t a very big one by their standards but nevertheless serves to illustrate that you should always take what they say with a large dollop of sodium chloride.

CrimeLowest crime rate in London eh? For ten years!

I had a vague recollection of a borough police commander announcing that Bexley had deposed Harrow from the top spot only a couple of years ago.

Searching the archives revealed that it was longer ago that I thought, February 2014 to be exact.

Chief Superintendent Peter Ayling was pleased to announce that Bexley had taken the top spot from Harrow, so there is no way Bexley could have had the lowest crime rate for ten years.

It’s not even certain that Bexley has been in the top spot for the past twelve months.

The Metropolitan Police Crime Dashboard shows that Sutton (23,421 crimes), Kingston (21,902), Merton (27,514) and Richmond (24,091) are all beating Bexley (27,780) with Harrow (28,221) just a whisker behind.

Strictly speaking these figures should be adjusted for population levels but Bexley makes no attempt to do that, so why should I?

Bexley, outside the Civic Offices anyway, is not a hotbed of crime and one can be relatively proud of that but what no one should be proud of is that practically every word uttered by its Council is a lie, some bigger than others.


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