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Bonkers Blog August 2017

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8 August (Part 2) - The nasty party’s Mr. Nasty

Not long ago I suggested that Bexley Council is much improved, perhaps in fact or maybe because it has simply become better at covering its tracks. Its biggest weak spot is Cabinet Member Philip Read without whom BiB would have little to say apart from describing The Belvedere Beach as ‘magnificent’.

Philip Read is intent on heaping opprobrium on himself and by association the whole of Bexley Council. Councillor Craske, both personally and under his @bexleyconservatives non-de-plume appears have learnt the art of spinning half truths as wholly positive and in a way that makes counter-measures quite difficult. Well done Peter, a job well done.

On the other hand his colleague Read, either as @PhilipRead1 or @ET_Conservative (and their Facebook equivalents), can only spew bile.

And not always at me.

My Inbox reveals how he abuses other residents too. This morning’s message (referring to a Facebook exchange) said…

I just had a hurl of abuse from Philip Read regarding the new Belvedere Beach. He claims it is more popular than the former Splash Park based on the views of the selectively invited guests to the official opening.

First he replied as himself but quickly deleted his initial comment and then replied with the same comment as Thamesmead Conservatives.

He was very aggressive and rude for an elected politician.

Funnily enough, he wouldn’t respond to stage 2 of a secret big plan. The closure of Belvedere’s library and the Recreation Ground and private sale for housing.

When I mentioned how Belvedere Beach had given Cory Bexley Air Polluter an opportunity to grease palms it came as no surprise that he deleted our entire lengthy conversation and blocked me from the Thamesmead Conservative Facebook page, without any reply.

I feel my comments were too close for comfort.

The writer should not feel personally aggrieved because he is in good company.

When Mabel Ogundayo was elected as the new Labour Councillor for Thamesmead East, Philip Read went out of his way to humiliate her at every opportunity. She was accused of being young, poorly educated, inexperienced, Labour (and better looking than any Councillor on the Conservative benches). So misogynist Read had taken an instant and unjustified dislike to her.

He refused to answer a question the answer to which may have embarrassed Bexley Council on the grounds that the resident who asked it did not belong to the ‘right’ political party.

He is a nasty piece of work and I wish that his colleagues would take him aside for a quiet word. By highlighting his own misguided obsessions he does Bexley Council no good whatsoever.


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