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Bonkers Blog August 2017

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7 August (Part 2) - The Met. Police. Beyond parody

Tweet Upon my return from Hampshire late on Saturday evening I found that I had been sent a further example of Councillor Philip Read’s provocative Tweets but I was unable to find it on his Timeline, so I suspect it is not very recent.

The sender not unreasonably says that he doesn’t think it is very sensible for a Councillor to talk about elderly residents in such a way.

My own view is that I am pleased he does because it may help to sustain BiB through the thin Summer months. However it is possible that I shall be disappointed because Councillor Read has not returned to his favourite theme since he was proved to be lying about Labour Councillors on 31st July.

The official Bexley Conservatives’ Twitter feed spews out half truths and distortions daily which most people will see straight through so for something new, let’s move to police developments.

Six years ago the Borough Commander of the day, Chief Superintendent Dave Stringer, was investigating obscenities uttered in my name and he traced them to a phone account held in the name of Craske. C.S. Stringer grudgingly accepted it was a hate crime and his officers spent at least six months inventing excuses for not taking action against Councillor Craske. (It was Stringer’s successor who arrested him.)

It took a long time to get all the evidence together but in January 2014 a formal allegation of Misconduct in Public Office was made against CS Stringer. The police wasted two years ignoring it but were eventually convinced that we (Elwyn Bryant and I) were not going to go away.

In February this year the Department of Professional Standards (DPS) admitted that they had been able to confirm the substance of our complaint and they planned to arrest eight officers and interview them under caution. A month ago they had got around to conducting just one of those interviews and we got the impression they were back pedalling furiously. A possible reason has become apparent.

Click for full statement. (Thanks to Brian Barnett for finding it.)

So the police officer who I believe deliberately dragged his feet on a hate crime investigation in order to protect his Bexley Council friends and about whom the Met’s DPS has said our concerns are shared, has been appointed to the most senior position ensuring hate crimes are properly investigated.

WindscreenWhen so many senior police officers are known to be corrupt maybe I should not be surprised, however I emailed the DPS today seeking an explanation. If there is no reply in a day or two I will post it here.

Towards the other end of the corruption spectrum, Bexley police has not yet managed to come up with a reason for them apparently jumping to Councillor Don Massey’s command and sending three officers to my door threatening arrest for repeating things freely gathered from public domain resources. That is seven whole months of thumb twiddling in Arnsberg Way.

And moving from corruption to apparent inactivity I dropped in on the windscreen victim today and he said that apart from the standard Victim Support letter offering the usual platitudes there has been no contact with the police since they told him they had lost all the case details.


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