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Bonkers Blog August 2017

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4 August - Beach vandals

Oh dear!

“The only slightly negative comment I have heard comes from a friend who lives not 100 metres from The Beach. He says the genteel folk from Bexley and Blackfen (i.e. Councillor Craske) have insufficient idea of the level of mindless vandalism too often seen in the far flung north.”

BeachI suppose that Councillor Philip Read will label me a sad old blogger again but those words first appeared here last week when someone who lives by The Belvedere Beach reported his fears for the new playground.

According to a letter in the News Shopper he was right to have concerns.

Already it is “full of litter and bottles” and the new plants are trampled underfoot. Bottles have been jammed into water features blocking them while “parents turn a blind eye”.

It should not have come as a surprise to anyone. Perhaps Bexley’s litter patrols could take an interest in more than just fag ends in Broadway?

The only thing the letter writer has wrong is that she believes that Bexley Council paid for The Beach when most of the money was donated by Cory Environmental who own the incinerator a mile to the north in Norman Road.

News Shopper
The Conservatives criticised the Splash Park for what they claimed was a poor design (and being built by a Labour administration) which saw its demise in only ten years. Does anyone seriously think that The Beach will do any better?


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