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Bonkers Blog August 2017

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2 August - Twitter policing

Windscreen The victim of the windscreen vandalism in Wilton Road, Abbey Wood nearly two weeks ago has given up on getting any help from the police despite what they might say on Twitter.

The culprit was caught on CCTV, staff in the cab office think they know who he is, two witnesses left their phone numbers and on the instructions of the 101 operator the brick that did the damage is safely inside a sealed plastic bag.

New York TimesAnd what did police do?

Last Thursday they phoned the victim to say they had lost all the information he had given on the day of the crime. He provided it all over again.

And what have the police done since?

As of yesterday afternoon, absolutely nothing of which the victim is aware. The brick is still feeling lonely and neglected.

Is it any wonder that shoppers keep away from Wilton Road when criminals may safely go about their business?


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