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Bonkers Blog April 2017

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30 April (Part 1) - Beware the 7 day parking restriction coming to a street near you

Last May Bexley Council sent a letter to residents who live near the centre of Bexleyheath which said they were planning to extend on-street parking restrictions to midnight and enforce them seven days a week. It claimed that businesses had been complaining about the amount of Sunday parking - which most people took to be a lie - and further restrictions were justified by the redevelopment of the town centre.

There were protests but to no avail.

In the fullness of time the proposal was watered down to retain the old restriction times - although beware the frequent stealthy extension creep across the borough - but Bexleyheath would get seven day enforcement which if Bexley Council is correct will have got every town centre trader on his feet cheering.

But don’t think that is the end of the matter. Bexley Council’s greed knows no bounds. The contagion was forecast in the blog for 6th June 2016

Various reports, vaguer than I would like, have come in from around the borough suggesting that all, or maybe most, of the other shopping centres will be meted out the same treatment.

Unfortunately no one has sent me a copy of any letter Bexley Council may have sent out but presumably it will be similarly welcomed by all the traders who are clamouring for a footfall reduction.

Has Bexley Council used the same old “substantial expansion and redevelopment” excuse they applied to Bexleyheath or has another far fetched story been manufactured?


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